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Rainbow Six FAQ

Q Can I play R6 on Win XP?

Yes, when you install, right click on the installer and set Compatibility to Win 95. To play, make a win95 compatibility shortcut.

You can play the Eagle Watch missions aswell. Grab this file and the original 16 missions should show up in the campaign after you finish the EW missions. You might need to make a new campaign to get this to happen.

Q When the action phase starts I cannot move.
A This can happen if you launch Rainbow Six from the CD menu that pops up when you insert the Rainbow Six CD. Use the desktop icon to launch, or click on the rainbowsix.exe file in the ?Tom Clancy folder

Q Can I play with a firewall active?
A Yes you can play, and even Host with a firewall active. The actual ports that should be left open are 2346 and 2347.

Q Can I play R6 on Windows 2000?

Yes you can, there are two methods. The most recent way was discovered recently and does not involve any registry work, so try this first :

The Easy Way

Succesfully running Rainbow Six on W2K is down to the installation procedure - you must install using Windows 95 Compatibility:

Create a link to setup.exe and look at the properties of this link. Select the tab marked 'Compatibility', and on this will be an option to select a compatibility layer to use. Select the '95' option, apply and then run setup.exe and install as usual.

Note : If you do not see a Compatibility tab follow this procedure:

  • How to turn on "Compatibility Mode"
  • Click Start, Run
  • Type regsvr32 %systemroot%\apppatch\slayerui.dll
  • Click Run.
  • The Compatibility tab should now be on, so you can do the fix.

Now to run Rainbow Six change the properties of the file that runs Rainbow Six so it also runs in Windows 95 compatibilty mode, and that's it!

Finally, patch Rainbow Six to version 1.04.

If you do not see the Compatibilty tab, you need to get Administrator rights before attempting this procedure.

Thanks to Michael at Alt.Games.Rainbow-Six for that technique.

If that does not work, you could always try this method, which is a little more in depth.

The Hard Way

What you have to do is import the R6 registry keys. This involves installing R6 onto Win98 and importing the registry keys into Win2000.

Install Rainbow Six through Win9X. Go into regedit (in Win9X), and export your registry. Edit that exported file(xxx.reg) and delete everything not R6 related EXCEPT the first line (which says 'REGEDIT4'), then save it. Boot into Win2k, double click your edited file (which will install the registry settings), copy the file 'VCT32150.DLL' into the directory where you installed R6. It should now run.

A full walkthrough of this procedure with images, can be read here.

Q How do I make my own Reticules?
A Read our Field Report

Q When I leave the action phase of R6, my desktop has black borders.
A This is a known problem with early 3dfx Voodoo drivers. 3DFX help here. Alternatively as a temporary measure you can resize your desktop from control panel>settings, then click NO when asked if you want to keep these new settings. Your desktop will now be back to normal.

Q R6 keeps defaulting the keys, my layout is lost
A Do not use Autorun to start R6, use your Desktop shortcut, or the Start Menu.

Q I play R6 on a Mac, where can I find help?
A You can find help here or here

Q I am having problems with my Geoforce card.
A Nvidia GeForce 256 chipset was not supported at R6 launch. Updating to the most recent drivers should solve any errors.

Q What type of internet connection do I need to play R6 online with my PC?

Although R6 can be played on lesser connections, A DSL or cable internet connection are almost a minimum requirement. The faster connection you have the less chance of latency and lag during gameplay.

This could be the difference between that winning headshot or getting ganked from behind. Most cable companies or Comcast offer packages that bundle your TV with internet to help with the costs involved.

Q My answer is not here! Where next?
A Ubi Soft's FAQ has a huge support section for Rainbow Six that incorporates the original Red Storm support FAQ. You can find that here.



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