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Athena Sword
  • Expansion pack for Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield
  • 8 All-new mission campaign in locations from Italy and Croatia to Greece
  • 5 new multiplayer levels (Chemical Factory, Ferry Boat, University, Italian Alleys and Jungle)
  • 3 new multiplayer game modes (Adversarial Terrorist Hunt, Adversarial Scattered Hunt and Capture the Enemy)
  • 7 additional real-world weapons (for a total of 64)


Athena Sword

Athena Sword

Raven Shield

Pre-Order Now!

Coming Soon
Raven Shield for X-Box from Amazon.co.uk

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Coming Soon

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Coming Soon

Raven Shield
Raven Shield
Raven Shield
Raven Shield


Buy Black Thorn from Amazon.com Rogue Spear Black Thorn
The latest installment in the Rainbow Six Series.

Buy R6 Collectors Edition from Amazon.com Rainbow Six Collectors Edition
Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, Urban Operations, and depending on the country of purchase, Covert Operations, T-Shirt, Mouse Mat, Poster or Prima Guides

Buy Rogue Spear Platinum from Amazon.com Rogue Spear Platinum Pack
Excellent bundle featuring both Rogue Spear and its mission pack Urban Operations, giving months of gameplay.

Buy Covert Operations from Amazon.com Covert Operations Essentials
Stand alone, nine new missions, and a Special Forces information CD packed with game and special ops information.

Buy Urban Operations from Amazon.com Urban Operations
This mission pack has new missions, and mod support - allowing access to many free Weapon and Map mods. Requires Rogue Spear to run.

Buy Rogue Spear Platinum from Amazon.com Rogue Spear
This was the second instalment in the series, and is now packaged as a Platinum Pack with Urban Operations included.
Rainbow Six Gold Rainbow Six Gold Pack Rainbow Six Gold Pack
The game that started the series, runs great on today's super PC's, click through the link to find it cheap in Amazon Marketplace.


Ghost Recon Series

Mission Pack No. 1

Ghost Recon Game of the Year

Ghost Recon
The latest Blockbuster from Red Storm, taking the Tactical Combat Sim to the Battlefield.
Ghost Recon
Desert Siege

New weapons, vehicles and enemies, enhanced sound and visual effects and 8 new single player maps and multiplayer maps.
Ghost Recon
Collectors Pack

Includes Ghost Recon and Desert Siege, a Ghost Recon sew on patch, and the Official Guide.
. UK only.
Ghost Recon
Game of
the Year Pack

This pack includes Ghost Recon and Desert Siege.
. USA only.





Official Raven Shield Guide
Not available yet!
  Rainbow Six : Raven Shield Official Guide
The Official Guide from the Guide Experts - Prima.

Not available yet!
Buy The Official Ghost Recon Guide at Amazon.com Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Official Guide
Versus books official game guide including tactical strategies for every mission, detailed maps that reveal objectives, power-ups and enemies , multiplayer tips and real world comparisons.

Buy Jihad from Amazon.com JIHAD
Covert operative Tom Carew recounts his experiences behind enemy lines in Afghanistan during the cold war, working for the British Secret Service. This is a great book, that ends on a truly chilling note in light of recent events. Update : It has been reported by the BBC that Tom's claims to have served with the SAS are false.


Other Games
Other Top Selling Games

Destroyer Command at Amazon.com
Destroyer Command at Amazon.com
Destroyer Command Destroyer Command
Groundbreaking 3-D naval combat simulation that can actually be played online against Silent Hunter II gamers!
Jedi Knight at Amazon.com
Jedi Knight at Amazon.co.uk
Jedi Knight at Amazon.com Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast
Awesome First-person adventure with multiplayer option and engaging single player campaign.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Best selling First Person Shooter based on id's Quake III graphics engine. One of the top three selling games at Amazon!
Order MOH from Amazon.com
Order MOH from Amazon.co.uk
Order MOH from Amazon.com

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Battle through more than 20 challenging levels in this World War II military campaign.




Black Hawk Down

Buy Black Hawk Down at Amazon.co.uk
Black Hawk Down DVD
Based on a true story which led to a bestselling book, the film focuses on the 1993 American mission to Somalia which went terribly wrong.
Buy Black Hawk Down at Amazon.com
Buy Black Hawk Down at Amazon.com.uk
Buy Black Hawk Down at Amazon.com Black Hawk Down Paperback
The original Mark Bowden book now in Movie Tie-in Paperback.

Black Hawk Down Soundtrack
Hans Zimmer's BHD score ranks right up there with his other acclaimed works including Gladiator and Thin Red Line.

Buy Black Hawk Down Video at Amazon.com
Buy Black Hawk Down Video at Amazon.com Black Hawk Down Video
Black Hawk Down: The Official Documentary, including actual video and audio from the operation and interviews with Rangers, Somalis, and Delta Force.




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