Our adored Rainbow Six Siege was launched on 1st of December, 2015 and we’ve been enjoying playing it ever since. Published by Ubisoft and part of Tom Clancy’s popular series, the game didn’t disappoint fans of first-person shooting games regardless whether they prefer being the attackers or the defenders. However, after playing at world’s most trusted online brands for quite some time now, we came to the conclusion that this amazing video game not only could make a great movie or a show, but also a would serve as a great slot machine theme. That’s right; reel machines featured in land-based and online casinos are often themed on superheroes, box office hits and even fairy tales. Therefore, we can’t think of a reason why a badass game such as Rainbow Six Siege couldn’t find its way to the reels.


So, if you wonder how a slot machine based on the game would look like, you may want to check out games inspired by let’s say Marvel movies. For example, Iron Man 3 and The Incredible Hulk by Playtech are such titles that could give you a better image of what to expect. In terms of design, the game should feature the Rainbow Six Siege logo and have a background that would make it as authentic as possible. When it comes to symbols, those are the best chance of capturing the action of the game. Depending on the developer that would accept the challenge, fans may get themed icons that come to live when they’re a part of a winning combination. A good example for such a game would be Jurassic Park by Microgaming where all crucial moments from the movie are skilfully incorporated into the action on the reels. So, in this case we could have symbols that include soldiers, terrorists, hostages and various weapons. Breaking a door, firing a gun and activating a bomb are only a few options the provider could use to celebrate hitting a certain symbol at least three times in an active payline.