Welcome to the first edition of Siege Intel Report! In this series we’re going to analyze Siege content released by Ubisoft which may have slipped your eyes. We went back and analyzed all of the released content and compiled a list for you.

Sit back and enjoy our recent findings in Siege Intel Report #1

  • Armpatches confirmed?

In the tools of defence video we see a player setting up a defensive wall, we can clearly see him sporting the French flag, as opposed to the Six logo we’ve seen earlier.

Armpatch confirmed?

Armpatch confirmed?

  •   Gas mask:

The closed alpha episode 01 showed us a player model in Zbrush with a gas mask. This could mean the return of tear gas nades which was introduced in Raven Shield.

Gas mask in Siege?

But wait, we’ve seen another variant with a gas mask before in a previous video.


Hostages have to be fit in Siege

  •     New weapons:

Here are some of the weapons we’ve spotted: – PSG-1 Sniper Rifle confirmed? – Mac 11 sub machine gun


*Squinting required*

– Famas G2


Famas G2







– SIG SG 550:

siege_SIG SG 550

SIG SG 550

  • Removed Helicopter spawn insert in Boston suburbs map:

At e3 we saw Rainbow could choose to insert from a helicopter. This option seems to be removed when they showcased the map again in the live stream of Siege.


Insertion points have been changed


  • E-sport spectating?:

In episode one announcing the closed alpha, we see several monitors showcasing the four different views while people are playing. Could this be a spectating feature catered towards e-sports spectating?


E-sport spectating?


  • Several maps and game modes confirmed for closed alpha?

In the recent FAQ for the closed alpha they write the following in the UK FAQ:

During the Closed Alpha, you will have access to a restricted portion of our game: PVP only with limited maps and modes. 

We’re uncertain what this means, but the FAQ from different regions are slightly different from each other.

  • Dedicated servers for PC confirmed?

PC fans have voiced their concern for dedicated servers very early and it seems like they’ve been heard. The following is taken from the FAQ:

Data centers available during the Closed Alpha : 
• US Center : Iowa 
• Europe West : Netherlands


Playing on dedicated server?


Local host testing

We can also see in right upper hand corner that network ping 40 ms is displayed. The developers are located in Montreal and the data centers in Iowa. Based on this network table 30-40 ms is expected from these two locations.

  • No Nondisclosure Agreement (NDA) in the closed alpha:

According to the French-Canadian FAQ there will be no NDA in the closed alpha. This means we can freely stream and upload Siege content.


Bonnes nouvelles!

That’s all for now, check back next time for more Siege intel!

Author: Deosl, Rainbow Six veteran since 1999. Competitive player and e-sport admin for Raven Shield on clanbase.com. Writer for AGR-S.com since 2005.