In this edition of Siege Intel Report #2 we’ll dive into some info most you have not spotted yet and we won’t be covering the obvious intel.


New Generation Rainbow:

We have yet to see any members from the classic R6 book or games so far. Ubisoft has kept the single player unbreachable so far, but in the operators trailer, one person says the following:

It’s time to reactivate Rainbow

This could mean the old team Rainbow has been dismantled and a new generation of Rainbow is being assembled. Is this a hint to the singleplayer campaign?



Germany and Russia will make an appereance

New Operators:

So far, 10 operators have been announced out of a total 20 operators planned for release. Here are some unannounced operators:


– French operator named DOC, most likely a medic class



– New operator named DART, possible sniper?





Sniper operator named DART?


– US Navy is not announced yet, only SWAT FBI.


US Navy


– Unknown Operator




– Possible Pilot model? Could this be a return of the escort the pilot mode from older R6 titles?




That’s all we have in this edition, be sure to keep an eye out!


Author: Deosl, Rainbow Six veteran since 1999. Competitive player and e-sport admin for Raven Shield on Writer for since 2005.