If you’ve ever watched a live game broadcast on Twitch, you may have noticed the chat box to the right of the stream. Some people live in there, some people ignore it and just watch the game. If you were to take 500 of those comments at random, and really look at them to see just what was going on – how much would be worth reading or responding to, and how much would be just nonsense?

Well, just for kicks, that’s exactly what we did with the Rainbow six Siege Live Twitch broadcast today, the results might surprise you….

r6siege live stream type of comment

So, of 500 comments, how many were actually about Rainbow Six Siege? Actually, only around than one quarter!  As you can see from our graphic above, around 2/3rds were just plain unrelated nonsense from keyboard warriors, there was also a sizeable number of comments immediately deleted by moderators.

Of the quarter that were actually Rainbow Six Siege related though – what topics were of interest – multiplayer? Heart Beat Sensor? Weapons? The results are shown below….

r6 siege-type of comment

Of the quarter of stream comments that were specifically about Rainbow Six Siege, by far the most common were positive, constructive comments, accounting for over one quarter in total.

The most popular subject matter were weapons, keys for the alpha or beta stages, and multiplayer gaming (particularly dedicated servers). The appearance of heartbeat sensors resulted in a number of comments, the vast majority of which were negative with fans referring to it as a “wall hack”. Interesting to see a number of questions  on the cost of Rainbow Six Siege, with several comments regarding DLC and micro payments.

In summary then, plenty of sarcasm and deleted posts in this very first Rainbow Six Live stream, but of the relevant comments – plenty for Ubisoft to think about!