Rainbow Six Vegas 2 features a Persistent Elite Creation (PEC) Reward system to help your character gain experience points. Because the PEC reward system works across both single player and multiplayer, it pays to know how to use this system to your advantage and rank your character up for the best results.

There are two separate systems at play here and understanding them is crucial, XP Points and Specialisation Points. Here we look specifically at the XP Points system and the rewards, but remember that Specialisation points will help increase XP points.

The first thing to be aware is that when earning points playing the single player campaign, or co-op with friends, is that the amount of XP earned depends on the difficulty rating for that mission. See the table below and maximise your XP!

Per Kill+1+5+10
Per AI Teammate Kill+1+3+5
Per AI Teammate Kill Tagged Enemy+2+5+10

The next thing to know is that your ill considered actions will have penalties! These penalties are very severe so be very careful with your aiming…

Kill Hostage-25-25-25
Kill Teammate (AI)-25-25
Kill Teammate (Player)-25-25
Injure Hostage-10-10
Injure Teammate (AI)-10-10
Injure Teammate (Player)-10-10
Player Suicide-25-25-25

Finally, in multiplayer matches each kill is worth 10 XP. It is VERY important to be aware of the anti-cheat system built into multiplayer games. On servers with less than 4 players, there is an 80% deduction made to all earned XP. To avoid any type of penalty such as this you must play on servers with 12 or more players!

So to rank up as quickly as possible in Rainbow Six Vegas 2, play online, in busy servers, and avoid shooting friendlies!

Vegas 2 XP Points

Once you start playing with the points explained above in mind, you will soon start working your way up the Vegas 2 ranks. XP points lead to rank promotions, new armour and new clothing options, headgear options and camouflage as shown in the table below.

 You can see your current Rank by checking the patch on your character’s right shoulder. It is also displayed as a bar at the foot of the screen, which shows how far off the next promotion is. You can gain XP by killing opponents and winning adversarial games.

Private 2nd Class 500 Ballistic goggles Tactical Helmet Balaclava
Private 1st Class 1250 Raid BDU Cargo Pants Long Sleeve Shirt
Specialist 2500 DPM Desert Camo Cadpat Camo Russian Camo
Lance Corporal 5000 Guerilla Camo Fall Camo Desrt 2 Camo
Corporal 10000 Goliath Armor titan Armor Colossuss Armor
Sergeant 15000 Assault Vest Assault Pants Tank Top
Staff Sergeant 20000 Lightweight Helmet Bandana Flight Helmet
Gunnery Sgt. 30000 Flecktarn Camo Orange Camo Swedish Camo
Sgt. 1st Class 40000 Anaconda Armor Diamondback Armor Viper Armor
Master Sgt. 50000 3 Hole Balaclava Reinforced Helmet Breathing Mask
Sr. Master Sgt. 70000 War2k5 Camo Alpen Camo White Camo
First Sergeant 90000 Blue Camo Urban 2 Camo Marpat Camo
Sgt Major 110000 Leather Vest Leather Pants Field Pants
Warrant Officer 140000 Curved Boonie Hat Beret Tinted Goggles
2nd Lieutenant 170000 Hurricane Armor Typhoon Armor Cyclone Armor
1st Lieutenant 200000 Wasp Camo Sand Camo Crimson Camo
Captain 235000 Tactical Goggles Tactical Sunglasses Half Face Mask
Major 270000 Yellow Camo Red Camo Tiger Camo
Lt. Colonel 310000 Rust Camo Pink Camo Grey Camo
Colonel 350000 Ballistic Mask Riot Helmet NV Goggles
Elite 400000 Custom Camo 1 Custom Camo 2 Custom Camo 3

Additionally there is a bonus 4th reward for Second Lieutenant of Cyclone Combat Shoulders.

Boosting XP points in Vegas 2

Ubisoft have patched out all the cheats allowing fast XP ranking or boosting, however you can use the following tip to quickly gain XP points over and over.

There are some locations you will find a steady stream of enemies come running out and are easy pickings for you and your team.  Sometimes you’ll find a group of enemy all nice and tight just ready for an explosion to take them all out. Once you come across one of these situations, take them all out and then reload the checkpoint by allowing Bishop to get killed. Then just perform the same kill streak again, and again, and again. You won’t lose any XP, but it will keep piling up! If you are playing on a console you may have to refresh the screen by looking away occasionally, to prevent a freeze.