Tango Hunt or Terrorist Hunt has been one of the favourite game types associated with each of the Rainbow Six titles. Whether played alone or as part of a co-op game, terrorist hunt in Rainbow Six is a great challenge. One of the reasons Rainbow Six Terrorist Hunt is so popular is that unlike other games it is not simply wave based. In Vegas Terrorist hunt games the enemy will use tactics and react to what they see and hear, making it a very tense game-type that requires not just quick reflexes, but tactics and forward thinking.

In this report we’ll expose the best way to be successful at terrorist hunt games.

Terrorist Hunt – The Basics

In Rainbow Six Vegas 2 there can be up to 4 players in the server playing co-operatively to take out all the terrorists on the level. In Vegas 2, you can even take along AI to fill any available slots. Terrorist Hunt was a favourite game type for new players as it allowed to to learn the map layouts against the AI, before taking on human opponents in online adversarial matches. 

Terrorist Hunt Server Set-up

While beginners will best best setting the enemy density to “Low”, as achievements are only applicable on the Realistic setting you should always set your server up as Realistic Difficulty.

  • Casual = 3 re-spawns
  • Normal =2 re-spawns
  • Realistic =1 re-spawns
  • Low= 25 Terrorists
  • Medium= 35 Terrorists
  • High= 45 Terrorists

To complete Terrorist Hunt you have to rule the following maps…

  • Kill House
  • Trainyard
  • Villa
  • Theater
  • Three Kingdoms Casino
  • Oil Refinery
  • Import/Export
  • CQB Training
  • Vegas Junkyard
  • Convention Center
  • Presidio
  • Murder town

Terrorist Hunt Tip 1 – Stay Stealthy

The enemy AI react to all sounds, so use suppressed weapons if you wish to stay stealthy. The enemy can hear you run, break glass, and can even hear you opening and shutting doors, remember this as you move around the map. This works both ways though, if you listen hard enough, you can hear the enemy talk and reveal their plans. Listen hard and you will hear all sorts of clues about what is going on ahead of your team.

Terrorist Hunt Tip 2 – Ambushes

Set up Ambushes by identifying choke points and set your team up to cover all the angles. Then create some noise to draw the enemy in. In this way you can make the enemy come to you, rather than go hunting all over the map.

Terrorist Hunt Tip 3 – Load-out

Make sure you select the correct primary weapon for the type of map you are playing. This can make a big difference to your success rate; think about an SMG for close tight maps, or a long scope for more open maps where you expect the terrorists to come out of cover looking for you. When playing co-op make sure that the team bring a good variety of weapons to cover most occasions. It’s poor teamwork to all bring the same weapons, so make so you have a good mix of weapons and equipment.

Don’t go overboard on protection, as too much will slow you down without actually increasing your protection very much. Seven bars is the maximum you should aim for, any more is counter productive!

Terrorist Hunt Tip 4 – Cover

Playing co-op terrorist hunt has the advantage of getting your team to cover you as you move, and vice versa, so make sure you use this important tactic to your advantage to obtain the perfect result.

Terrorist Hunt Tip 5 – The Rush

Be prepared as you start to win the map, the terrorists have a nasty habit of grouping and rushing, so get ready for the final onslaught and make sure your mags are full!

Terrorist Hunt Tip 6 – Rappel King

Rappel King is one of the harder achievements in Vegas 2. To win the achievement the best bet is to go for the Kill House map. Set the server up as Casual difficulty with High density enemy. Your load-out should include your best pistol, now go Rappel!

Terrorist Hunt Achievements

  • Bring it on : Complete a Terrorist Hunt mission at the hardest difficulty.
  • Novice Hunter : Complete your first Terrorist Hunt mission at any difficulty.
  • Veteran Hunter : Complete 5 Terrorist Hunt missions at any difficulty.
  • Extreme Hunter : Complete all Terrorist Hunt missions on Realistic difficulty.
  • I Like the Sound it Makes : Kill 150 terrorists with a Shotgun.
  • Rappel King :Kill 25 enemies while suspended from a rope.