When Rainbow Six – Collectors Edition was released it represented a superb value for money package ideal for gamers looking to enter the Rainbow Six arena. Not content with boxing the full Rainbow range of titles in one package Redstorm also bundled a new, previously unavailable CD – “Additional Intel”.

A topic of almost heated debate in the R6 community ensued as veterans and loyal R6 fans who had already purchased the full series of games were left with an incomplete collection of games. The very gamers/customers who had helped lift Rogue Spear to its esteemed position of top ultra-realistic anti-terrorist title, were left out in the cold.

The purpose of this report therefore is to reveal what is actually included in the extra disk, in order that gamers can decide whether they wish to beg, steal, borrow, copy or purchase the full Collector’s Edition in order to have that peace of mind that is “having it all”. [I of course was joking about the steal and copy bits]

Here we can see there are a total of 10 new sections of Intel on the disk. Each section contains at least 4 new movie clips, up to a maximum of 14. The movies are of varying length and appear to be footage recorded, but not used, in the original release of Covert Operations. All in all there are 88 new clips.

The first section, Counter Terrorism (CT), has 10 new movies which discuss real world issues of CT. The clips are interesting, but fall short in one respect; the personnel used are not always identified, which detracts from the credence of the report.

The second section, Covert Ops, also has a large number of clips which will interest the Terrorism fact finders among Rainbow Six gamers. Again, in the “Thoughts on the SAS” section the identity of the contributor is not shown which is a pity.

The remaining 8 sections include firing range movies and the man himself, TC.

Overall there is quite a lot of additonal footage contained on disk and it is a worthy addition to the Collector’s Edition package. Gamers currently sporting 2 or 3 titles from the series may have to think hard before shelling out for the Collector’s Edition just to secure that extra disk. On the other hand gamers who may currently only have Rogue Spear may overlook the additional copy of RS they would have in buying the Collector’s Edition in order to secure COE Additonal Intel.

Mar 2001