Raven Shield Campaign Mission List

Oil Refinery

Codename : Stolen Flame
Location : Amuay, Venezuela
Terrorists have seized control of an oil refinery in Amuay, Venezuela. They claim to have rigged the entire complex with explosives, and are threatening to detonate them unless their demands are met. Your mission is to neutralize the terrorists and prevent them from arming their bombs.

Alpine Village Codename : Cold Dagger

Location : Jura Canton, Switzerland
Terrorists have taken hostages in the village of Lamoura, Switzerland. Among them are several delegates to the current IMF conference in Geneva. Swiss security forces have sealed off the area in preparation for your arrival. Your mission is to liberate the IMF delagates.

Mountain Highway

Codename : Mountain Watch
Location : Jura Canton, Switzerland
Several terrorists managed to escape Lamoura with hostages before your arrival. At the mouth of a tunnel on the N90 highway, the lead car skidded into the tunnel wall. The surviving terrorists have retreated into the tunnel with their hostages, your mission is to the rescue the remaining IMF delagates.

Shipyard Codename : Sentinel Wolf

Location : Bergen, Norway
Terrorists have seized a shipyard in Norway. When authorities were alerted by a premature bomb detonation, the terrorists fell back to the ship completion area. They have rigged much of the shipyard with explosives. Your must prevent the detonation of explosives and eliminate all terrorists.

Private Airport

Codename : Falcon Hour
Location : Cayman Brac
A joint American-British drug bust in Cayman Brac has failed, leaving several agents down and others taken hostage. The kidnappers have taken refuge within a private airport complex and are threatening to execute their hostages. Your mission is to rescue the captives and eliminate their captors.

Island Estate

Codename : Pearl Castle
Location : Cayman Brac
Narco-terrorists have taken members of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Force hostage at a private estate on Cayman Brac. The Governor’s Office requests your assistance in resolving the situation. Your mission is to secure the estate and liberate the captive officers.

Meat Packing Plant

Codename : Crimson Hook
Location : Pilar, Argentina
A hostage situation has developed at a meat packing facility in Pilar, Argentina. In response to a request from the Argentine government, Rainbow is being deployed to resolve the situation. Your mission is to secure the hostages and eliminate their captors.


Codename : Stone Cannon
Location : Porto de Alegre, Brasil
An import-export firm in Brasil, is allegedly housing what authorities have identified as components of a chemical nerve agent. Your mission is to raid the company’s warehouse and secure all chemical agents on the premises.


Codename : Shattered Glass
Location : Buenos Aires, Argentina
Rainbow has been authorized to plant audio surveillance devices in the penthouse of Alvaro Gutierrez. Gutierrez has been linked to incidents in Switzerland and Nikola Gospic, the owner of the Cayman estate and the meat packing firm. Your mission is to plant bugs in the computer and one of two phones in Gutierrez’ apartment.

Banking House

Codename : Lion Shadow
Location : London, England
A private banking house in London has been seized by terrorists in paramilitary gear. They have taken hostages and opened fire on the Metropolitan Police. Your mission is to liberate any hostages within, and prevent the destruction of valuable financial records that we believe are the terrorists’ target.

Meat Packing Plant 2

Codename : Broken Stone
Location : Pilar, Argentina
We have concluded that the meat-packing operation in Pilar is being used as a distributution vector for chemical agents. Your mission is to secure the meat packing facility and prevent the dispersal of the chemical agent.

Island Estate 2

Codename : Briar Gate
Location : Cayman Brac
Rainbow is authorized to search the estate of Nikola Gospic for evidence of more chemical weapons. Intel believes he is still in possession of a highly lethal blistering agent, which he will attempt to use. Your mission is to prevent the destruction of evidence on Gospic’s computer and to secure the estate.

Private Airport 2

Codename : Talon Steel
Location : Cayman Brac
Men identified as working for Gospic have killed an Interpol agent, and seized control of an airport on Cayman Brac. Their baggage, which has been recovered, contains aerosol dispersal equipment intended for use with the blistering agent. Your mission is to secure the airport and neutralize all gunmen.


Codename : Whisper Blade
Location : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
A garage near the Festias de Juninas parade route in Rio de Janeiro must be stormed. It has been identified as the site where Gospic constructed the parade float from which he intended to disperse the blistering agent.Your mission is to secure the garage and capture Gutierrez.

Parade Lineup

Codename : Steel Rose
Location : Rio de Janeiro, Brasil
The float concealing the blistering agent has been located near the beginning of the parade route, and must be seized. Gutierrez has surrendered the rough locations of both Gospic and the blistering agent, which he intends to disperse by means of a small concussion device. Your mission is to prevent the detonation of the explosive and eliminate Gospic.