To enter a command first open the console by pressing the ~ key. [] are used below to show where user input is required. Do not type the brackets.

Player Commands

  • fps – display Frames Per Second
  • God – invincible
  • Ghost – Walk through walls, and if you point up, fly!
  • writeprofile [filename] – saves the options settings into the save folder.
  • loadprofile [filename] – loads the options settings from the save folder
  • hideweapon – hides the first person weapons
  • showweapon – shows the first person weapon
  • playerlist – lists all players and their IDs in the console
  • maplist – lists all maps and their IDs in the console
  • getres – displays current resolution and color depth
  • open [map] – opens a map
  • disconnect – disconnects from the server
  • reconnect – reconnects to server
  • server – starts dedicated server
  • shot – takes a screenshot and saves in system directory
  • type [text] – types text to console
  • switchlevel [mapname] – switches to that map
  • setname [name] – change player name
  • slomo [#] – changes game speed (1 is normal)
  • behindview [1,0] – third person (command works but view not implemented)
  • toggle [Boolean] – switches value of Boolean value
  • suicide – Kills your character instantly
  • name ”New Name” – Changes your multiplayer name to “New Name
  • say – Sends “Message” to everyone in the game
  • teamsay – Sends “Message” to everyone in your team
  • quit – Exits the game
  • exit – Exits the game
  • votekick – you can vote by either using the F3 voting window
  • playerlist – Lists all players and their ID#s in the console
  • maplist – Lists all maps and their ID#s in the console
  • brightness [#] – Adjust brightness
  • contrast [#] – Adjust contrast
  • gamma [#] – Adjust Gamma
  • set [class] [property] value

Administrator Only Commands

To have access to these commands you must either be the server or enter the correct administrator password using the adminlogin command.

  • writeserver [filename] – saves the current server setup in the save folder
  • loadserver [filename] – loads the saved server setup in the save folder
  • adminlogin – Enter administrator password for access to admin only commands
  • newpassword – Changes the admin password
  • kick – Kicks the player off server
  • kickid – Kicks the player off server
  • restartmatch [explanation text] – Ends the current round, resets all statistics to zero, and displays message to all players.
  • restartround [explanation text] – Restarts the current game-round, resets all statistics to what they were at the beginning of the round, and displays message to all players.
  • map [mapname] – Ends the current round immediately, changes the server to the designated map
  • set [classname] [property] [value] – set property in classname to value
  • get [classname] [property] – returns value of property in classname

Those last two are very useful for adminning on the fly, since it can be used to set any value in engine.r6serverinfo class (some properties found in user.ini), such as max players, password protection, etc.


  • set input [key] [action] {|[action]…{|OnRelease [action]…}} binds key to action
  • keybinding [key] – lists binding assoc with key
  • [action] | [action] – links actions

    some example actions
    jump – interestingly enough, this command works, but actor does not jump


    weird commands that shouldn’t be here!

  • setjumpz [#] – sets jump height
  • amphibious – in UT this increases time that can be spent UNDER WATER!?