Unfinished Games’ Ordnance Project 1.3 Alpha Preview

By Deosl

This mod expands Raven Shield by adding new features such as laser sights, modded weapons & tactical lights. The UG team was kind enough to let me do a preview of their 1.3 alpha for 1.60 Raven Shield mod which is not out at the moment.

Installing the mod is quite easy when reading the README file. Click the Installer.bat & type in the path to your Raven Shield folder.

To activate the mod you have to enter “options” then “custom games”. After that you activate “Iron Wrath”. Then your main menu should have a new background.

UG hasn’t really added new weapon models in this mod they have changed the type based on the particular gun. The list is too big to be posted here.

You can find the Steyr Aug Sniper System under sniper rifles as it has been limited to single-shot & equipped with a sniper scope. Secondary weapons include the Benelli M3T Shorty which is a shot gun designed to breach wooden doors with only 1 shot. We also have a modified PDW as a secondary.

M3T in action

Displayed in the screenshot some guns can handle more attachments then other. The Famas for example can handle most of them which include:

  • Silencers
  • High-cap mags
  • Scope
  • Thermal vision

Laser in action

The only thing that is missing is the laser sight.
Now I equipped my AK-103 with the laser sight. But the laser sight is not that accurate as you would think it should be. Whilst moving the gun up and down the laser sight was struggling to move all the way to the top & bottom. Thus the laser sight is still a bit buggy at this stage. Aiming the laser sight on the wall gives you a red dot on the wall. But if you try and aim at a tango or rainbow six operatives the red dot will disappear.

Still this is just an alpha version and the iron sights have not yet been included.

Tactical flashlight is another new attachment, so I went with the mk23+light for those dark alley combats. Now when activating the flashlight it’s the same as activating thermal vision. Sadly enough the flashlight has some problems. Sometimes when you activate it will only light the floor and not follow your movement, then you have to turn it off, switch to primary gun & try again.

Perhaps not a new feature in Rainbow Six but for Raven Shield it is. UG has added binoculars for those of you who crave it in those recon missions.

Bright enough?

The UG team has managed to take the effects of the blowing barrels from Raven Shield and disguise it as a grenade.

Blast off!

It’s called AN-M14 TH3 & it packs a pretty good punch. Although from my point of view the exploding effects are same as blowing a barrel but there are some small bugs about it.

If you where to make it explode in the air, you can see the after effect of it still burning in the sky.

I love the smell of napalm in the morning?


The mod is still in the alpha stage but it’s looking good with the current tools available for Raven Shield. Another bug is that the reticule disappears. This makes it harder to aim but with all the attachments it isn’t impossible to hit.

The mod was tried to be played online with myself & Rage but it didn’t work. So hopefully the UG team can make it available for online play in the future.

Now this mod affects a great deal the gameplay in Raven Shield. People have more to choose from and add as much attachment as they want. Now people can have thermal vision on their assault rifles making it easier to spot enemies.

If you are tired of the same old Raven Shield single player spice it up with the Ordnance Project mod and take on the tangos with more gadgets.

I would like to thank Vadim & the UG team for their effort with modding of Raven Shield & letting me do a preview of the 1.60 version of Ordnance Project.

by Deosl