Raven Shield Reviews along with a short description are listed here. Check them out – some of these general gaming sites are very cool.

Raven Shield  Review Electric Playground 85%
Read the Full Review here. “Raven Shield gets the big thumbs up”
Loaded Inc. Raven Shield  Review Loaded Inc. 85%
“..a cracking game with some awesome visual effects”
Gamespot's Raven Shield  Review GameSpot 87%
“a very impressive addition to the series and a worthy heir to the Rainbow Six name”
Raven Shield  Review IGN 86%
“Close-quarters combat doesn’t come any better than this.”
Raven Shield  Review
CVG 84%
“Great presentation and overall design Very tense and atmospheric Satisfyingly tactical”
Gaming Next 88%
This is a one page, nicely presented review with a couple of nice ideas.
Gamers Depot 4/6
Two page review with a “must have” conclusion.
Gamers Hell 89%
“a well-designed game with plenty of tension, great firefights, plenty of action, and nice females to rescue”
Wicked Toast 4/5
“Raven Shield IS the best tactical shooter in the world”
Gaming Nexus 85%
Four page review with an death-throw image that’s worth checking out.
Action Trip 79%
“Realistic tactical combat, technically superior to its predecessor, a worthy sequel to the R6 series”
Games Domain “Top Game”
“Raven Shield is not only a great multiplayer game, but a welcome next step in the Rainbow Six series”