Egypt II Urban Operations Mod for Rogue Spear

Mod by Horsemen Clan: Review by Rocky
Availability:     Urban Operations
Developer:     Horsemen Clan
Game Type:     Multiplayer | Single Player T.Hunt


Maze, tunnel, maze, up, down, maze, tunnel – you get the idea.


A lot of thought has went into the design of this mod. There are some almost Lara Croft type escapades to be had with (promised) secret doors and booby trapped floors. That said I have the feeling its a case of “wait for version 1.1” as there are some (minor) problems with this version. The documentation is sparse, well actually there is none, one room is completely untextured and there is a typo in the name of the THT mission.

It’s a great map to look at and the Tomb Raider effect will appeal to many players. Where it falls down is in multiplayer; too many dead ends and winding corridors make this a large map that you could spend ages trying to find your enemy on. What would work very well could be some more single player missions, a defend or even a hostage rescue would work very well with this map. EgyptII is crying out for for an interesting mission plot to match it’s gorgeous looks.


Download exe to any folder
Run exe and Mod auto installs
Browse to your RS Mods folder and remove the “.0” from the end of the Egyptian folder.

Playing Instructions:

Launch Urban Operations
Select Spiting Cobra  from Options>mods