Operation Just Reward
Review by: WhiteKnight77
Availibility:     Urban Operations(All players must have)


Game Type:     One single player mission
Two Random Terrorist Hunt, 1 Walkthrough, 1 Adversarial map


Version 2.2


Drew Baye and Akira have released Operation Just Reward. It features a terrorist camp in Afghanistan. This map has 3 levels you can play on (4 counting the roof of the outer parts of the compound.) There is an underground bunker system accessible by 2 ladders (I won’t tell you where they are at,) there is the main level and the cliffs you can access by climbing a ladder on the outside of the compound. Once on top of the first cliff you will find a bridge across to the second cliff.

There are new skins, textures and sounds, all very well implemented.


In team survival games you have the option of starting in 3 different places including the tops of the cliffs, but be careful as you can fall off the cliffs in most places, though you cannot fall off of the bridge. The cliffs offer great sniper spots for those that like to snipe. Other start spots include underground in the bunkers and on the main level and the main level and cliff top. Adversarial games also add 3 new unis to the game that are very well done, Desert Camo, Delta Force Sniper and Delta Force Night, though you cannot use them in MP games.

Coop games offer a walk through of the map, random Talibans, and all bin Laden’s. Depending on what you chose is where you start the mission. Random Talibans starts you in the underground bunkers which is a vast complex that includes a prayer room and an armoury with interconnecting tunnels. All bin Laden’s start you in the compound and you can go from there.

There are 3 or 4 buildings plus the compound’s fortress like walls which has passages and are 2 story with a ladder to the roof of it. Most or all of the buildings are of the 2 story variety with lots of places to shoot from or hide. The buildings offer planning rooms, a toilet, prayer rooms, locker rooms, sleeping rooms and an above ground armoury.

This is a large map, but I didn’t notice the lag that most large maps seem to impart in the game. It has its own self installer and at 24MB’s installed it may be rather large for some of you, but for the chance to shoot Talibans and bin Laden some of you may over look its size.

Note : For the delta unis to show in mp you’ll need to select “disable default uniform items” in the mod select screen.”
Installation:     Download auto-instals to correct folder.
Playing Instructions:

Launch Urban Operations
Select Just Reward from Options > Mods