Pyscho Paintball v2.0
Review : Rocky

Availability:     Urban Operations(All players must have)

Berzerk_Psyc0 and The LofD

Game Type:     Equipment Modification, new maps




50 guns, each with their own unique models
select from a wide variety of markers that exist on the market today
45 primaries ranging from the outstanding angel lcd to the very popluar Tippmann 98
5 secondaries included for pump-gun wars, the poor man’s choice of play
fully equipped with Proball and Team Color paintballs to pummel the oppenent(s) with high qualitly blue, green, orange, or yellow paint
The Tippmann squadbuster, the trusty paint grenade
Suit up in the 27 different real life replica jerseys ranging from Raven, JT, 32 Degrees, and Paintball Junkies
Excellent new paintball weapon sounds
special featured FAT ref is a choosable player, so you can now understand what it would be like to be Jabba The Hutt in stripes
Alien paintballers for a good laugh
17 bound sounds included.
replay the missons of RS or UO with paintballer tangos, equipped with paintball guns and jerseys.
5 brand-spankingnew maps, A dock with container boxes that form an arena, a hyperball map, a speedball map, arenaball map,and the best of all, well, lets keep that a secret for now.
new interface and menus. Added features include a new opening video, spinning PPBv2 logo, and other bonuses you’ll have to play the mod to discover


One of the all time great Urban Operation mods, that even today over a year after its release we still get mail about.

A massive collection of paintball guns, the ability to choose colour of paint, and brand new maps to play them on – not to be missed!