Mod by HuNtEr JoNnY: Review by Rocky
Availability:     Urban Operations| Host+Client
Developer:     HuNtEr JoNnY
Game Type:     Multiplayer | Single Player Terrorist Hunt



It’s a large map suited to multiplayer games with more than 6 players, although it comes with a Terrorist Hunt mission making it great single player fun too. There are many snipe points courtesy of many well placed crates and high open roof-tops. I would imagine some great games involving sniper cover for assault teams on this map; a case of “who controls the air controls the ground”.


This is an excellent and almost flawless map. There are 2 locations that cause a drop in framerate, but it is such a brilliant map this is not a point to labour on.


Download zip to any folder and unzip
Run Exe file
Mod auto installs to RS mod folder

Playing Instructions:

Launch Urban Operations
Select CS-Assualt map
Multiplayer note all players must have same map installed