Mod by Ebola: Review by Rocky
Availability:     Urban Operations| Host+Client
Developer:     SMT Mods Ebola
Kahn’s coop missions[host only needs]
Game Type:     Multiplayer Adv. | Muliplayer coop Defend (Kahn’s patch)
Single Player Terrorist Hunt and Defend missions



Urban Operations see’s another Counter-Strike map this time De Dust. This is a similar but not exact copy of De Dust in Counter-Strike mod for Halflife. The differences for all you trainspotters are as follows

  •     the areas where the bombs are planted in CS are a little smaller
  •     a couple of boxes here and there have been removed
  •     the inside area is a lot narrower
  •     the huge openings have been replaced with doorways

This map is located in Damascus, Syria’s rural area. It may be played Single Player or Multiplayer Online


Another excellent CS conversion, that is great to play on-line, with an easy and definitive installer. To get the best from the map you have 3 downloads – the main exe, a fix patch, and a mission patch, which is a bit of hastle – but worth it!


Download De-dust exe to any folder and unzip
Run Exe file
Mod auto installs to UO mod folder
Download Patch to any folder
Run Patch
Download Kahns mission patch
Run Patch

Playing Instructions:  

Launch Urban Operations
Select De Dust from Options>mods
Multiplayer note all players must have same map installed
Single Player select Custom mission>Defend or Terrorist Hunt
Disable Third Person Mode (F1) Option.
Mulitplayer coop defend – select defend coop :o)