Requires:     Urban Operations
Developer:     SMS DeathBlaDe and SMS JointMaN
Game Type:     Single Player Assault Mission


“You are sent to a unknown area in Mexico to eliminate all of the Mexican Mafia that are patrolling the surrounding area. They have secret alien bodies hidden in the area that if told could lead to a world-wide investigation. The Mexican Mafia nor Rainbow want this secret to get out. Rainbow wants to conduct thier own investigation and autopsy. Preferred weapon during this operation would be a silencer”



This re-textured Urban Operations map is heavy on plot and short on lifespan. That said, the textures work well and the initial onslaught by the “mexican mafia” will keep you on your toes. It’s not a huge download so if single player missions appeal to you and you feel the need to cap some mafia then its worth a try!

Installation:     No installer here ….

Download zip to any folder
Extract zip to RS/Mods folder
Alternatively unzip to any folder and drag the “sweeper”
folder into your RS/Mods folder

Playing Instructions:

Launch Urban Operations
Select Sweeper from Options>mods
Select Custom Mission > Assault > Sweeper