This reports details a secret method used to reach the top of the tower in the Rogue Spear Siberia map. This is achieved through a bug in the game, and is not permitted during normal play. It is detailed here not so you may try and use it to your advantage, but so you are aware of how it could be used against you in a multiplayer game.

First approach the tower building from the area of the small guard tower until your are at the large door, similar to a large garage door. To start this Rogue Spear cheat, crouch down on one side and press space to start climbing up the side. Around the middle of the climb press “C”

This will cause you to slowly start floating backwards in the crouched position. If you now position yourself looking away from the building and wait you will float into the wall. Soon, you will start falling downwards, below the building.

Wait around 5 seconds and you’ll start climbing! Press C again before the climb bar reaches maximum and you will start falling down again, but keep pressing C (but press again before the bar reaches max) and you’ll slowly start climbing up to the top of the tower.

This works on every map where you can climb something. Just crouch, climb and crouch again in the middle of the climb and you’ll start floating backwards. Then you can use the C key to “climb” anywhere you want.

By posting this I take quite a risk (everybody could start cheating), but taking into account that this bug takes an incredible amount of time to pull off successfully, I assume not too many people will use it. The chance of successfully gaining an advantage from the manoeuvre is very slim. Besides, it’s pretty easy to catch cheaters. If anyone keep climbing and/or crouching by the big door on Siberia I, they’re probably trying to cheat. Then you can cap’em and boot’em 😉

“Cheat” can be defined as “To violate rules deliberately, as in a game”, and therefore the use of this technique can legitimately be classed as cheating. However to “cheat” in a game is to “seek an advantage by unfair means”, and to suggest there is an advantage in leaving yourself open for the 2 minutes is takes to complete this move would be foolish.